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it’s the moment of truth and the moment to lie

Ok but what if Sherlock showed up to a date with John wearing a hella rad dress and heels and beautiful makeup (courtesy of Irene) and John wasn't expecting it and Sherlock was a little nervous of what John would think


Sherlock tugged at the hem of his dress and rubbed his lips together again, lifting a hand and knocking gently on John’s door, taking a small step back and clasping his hands behind his back. He glanced down at his dress again; maybe it was too bold a move? He hadn’t even told John yet - come to think of it, he hadn’t really told Irene. He had called her in a fit of panic and stood in his room, eyebrows disappearing as she bustled about, tossing dresses and blouses and shoes everywhere. Finally she had settled on a knee-length, plum dress with thin straps and a plunging back. She paired it with a pair of silver heels she pulled from her bag. It looked fantastic on him, he could admit that, but he was almost positive John would laugh in his face, or punch him, or something equally horrific. He’d been nervous about the dress already, and so Irene had gone light on the makeup; a few sweeps of pale pink over his lids, some mascara and a pale lip gloss.

He began to rock back and forth on his feet as he waited for John to answer the door, his palms becoming sweaty and uncomfortable. He reached up to scratch his nose as the door opened, and Sherlock couldn’t help the smile that stretched his lips and he saw John with his shirt unbuttoned and his tie slung lazily across his neck. 

"I’m sorry, I’m not ready yet, I just -" 

He broke off and his eyes widened, and Sherlock took another step back, ready to run away if necessary. 

"Wow, um -  I didn’t realize -"

Sherlock shook his head, tears pooling in his eyes, and took another step back. “I’m sorry! I should have told you - I look so stupid -“

John reached forward and wrapped his fingers around Sherlock’s wrist, holding on tightly and smiling gently. 

"Sherlock, stop. You look beautiful."


John told the whole team he was bisexual last year, and though some of them were initially quite surprised, they tell him it’s all fine and make sure that their discussions about hot girls include some hot guys for John and other queer teammates.

One day, John brings round this…